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keep calm and love yourself em We Heart It.

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Damage Control is a drinking game where 2 friends swap phones and drunkenly text something crazy to anyone in the other’s contacts, then scramble to fix their damaged relationships. Source


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"I wonder if I’m worth being more than someone’s fling. Do I deserve a relationship?"

- Random thought (via ivanhattori)

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I get weirdly attached to inanimate objects. Like, if I pick one book over another, I imagine that book suffering from abandonment issues and spending the next four days wondering why it wasn’t good enough.

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I’ve decided I want alt j to be played at my funeral

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Sign in front of Zeke’s Coffee on Penn Avenue in East Liberty.

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"The painful thing about falling in love is that it can happen whether it is reciprocal or not."

- connotativewords (via ofsupernovas)

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“It terrifies me how fast my heart beats whenever you’re around. It’s like I’m keeping a horrible secret – like my love for you was never meant to be suppressed in the first place.”

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Sex with someone you love is deadass magical.

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